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Introduction to The I Know Network

The I Know Network offers the most up-to-date business and personal development information from a vast array of sources, organized and presented so that you can learn and apply it as efficiently as possible. We also offer unique opportunities to network with others who've learned how to be successful in business. The following modules introduce how The I Know Network is set up to help you to succeed.

Module Title Updated Video Audio HTML PDF
Introduction to The I Know Network3/23/2012
Patterns and Experience3/23/2012

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Introduction to Teaching Modules

Teaching Modules are a system developed by the I Know Network for delivering in-depth information clearly and efficiently. The following Modules explain the Teaching Module system. We recommend spending a few minutes here familiarizing yourself with the system before continuing to other Modules to ensure that you are able to use the system as effectively as possible.

Module Title Updated Video Audio HTML PDF
Teaching Module System Overview2/17/2012
1. Time Efficiency2/17/2012
2. Clarity2/17/2012
3. Organization2/17/2012
4. Building Blocks (Module Types)2/17/2012

Module Types: Overview, Element, Reference, Story, Case Study, Extension/Advanced Concepts, Implementation