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Social Media Group Strategy : CLICK HERE (3LS)

This is an invitation.

This is the vision I introduced in Small Business Revolution. There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook and other social media platforms. But only a handful read your posts. To reach more potential clients, you need a core group with whom you interact.

By building an interactive group around...
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Business Relationships (3LS Illustration 2)

In personal relationships, people often find someone who really pushes their emotional buttons, and then spend the rest of their lives working out their issues. That pattern doesn't work well for business relationships.

Business relationships need to be productive. The Three-legged Stool analogy was really written for business relationships. In business we can focus on...
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Personal Relationships (3LS Illustration 1)

Warning: This is not a horoscope or a fortune cookie.

You are female, married 15 years with 3 children; your husband works too much; and your relationship has become more of an ongoing conflict than a peaceful place to turn to when you are having a rough day.

To be fair, here is the male...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 5

Imagine the best relationship that you have ever had; or imagine the most ideal relationship that you would like to have!

How do you feel about yourself in that perfect relationship? How do you feel about the other person? Perfect.

Now, what are you doing in that relationship? What would you like to be doing?...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 4

In Part 3, we began our discussion of leadership in relationships.

I know that there is a real need for leadership in relationships. As I suggested in my last post, two kinds of leadership are needed.

First, you DON'T KNOW what you don't know, and that keeps you from making progress.

Second, you DO KNOW...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 3

So in this Part 3, let's begin to examine how to build positive, valuable relationships. It will take a series of blog posts to look at all of the elements of relationship building. In this post, I want to focus on leadership.

Every relationship needs a leader. In a parent-child relationship, the leader is generally...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 2

The way that psychologists talk about building relationships is to have you work on the first leg of the stool. It is a valid idea to the extent that everyone needs to work on themselves, but it still ignores the third leg.

The way that many married people approach building relationships to is try to...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 1

I have read a lot of books on psychology, but I haven't seen much good information on relationships. I have even talked to psychologists about relationships. They all seem to come back to the same point: work on yourself and let the other person work on himself. Well to me, that is a very dissatisfy...
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