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5 Reasons Networking Fails: Reason 5

Problem: People Fail to Take Action.

Five months ago, I thought I found the ultimate networking group. These people paid money to be in the group. They made a commitment to meet twice per month, I think. They were getting together with three other groups associated with the same platform. And I was invited to...
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5 Reasons Networking Fails: Reason 4

Problem: Everyone is Very General in Public.

It is very difficult to learn from someone who says, “I am a coach.” When someone says, “I do social media,” what do they mean?

It is a little bit different for me, because when I say, “I am attorney,” everyone seems to assume that means I kno...
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5 Reasons Networking Fails: Reason 3

Problem: Only Low-Trust Exists in the Network.

Stephen M.R. Covey wrote a book entitled The Speed of Trust. Covey explains that the activities that produce trust can be broken down into two categories: things that demonstrate competence and things that demonstrate integrity.

The fastest way to lose trust is to demonstrate a lack of integrit...
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