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Are you a Leadership Consultant or a Management Consultant? (Why Consultants? Part IV)

I believe that coaches and consultants are vital to building a successful business. As I interact in social networks, I see so many businesses need the help of good consultants. As a result, I have developed a personal goal. I want to help coaches, consultants and other teachers succeed in what they are trying to...
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My Expectations for Leadership Consultants (Why Consultants? Part II)

If you are a leadership consultant, then the reason I would hire you would be to provide me or my organization with expertise. I expect the following from you:

1. Real Ideas.

When I want to learn something, I look for someone with knowledge or experience. If you have knowledge in a specific niche, advertise...
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The Value of Consultants (Why Consultants? Part I)

I am not a consultant. I am a CEO, and I am an attorney. I am the leader in the organizations I operate. So why do I recommend that companies employ consultants? And what do I expect consultants to do?

Part I: The Value of Consultants

My companies have several key employees. My key employees...
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