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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 3

So in this Part 3, let's begin to examine how to build positive, valuable relationships. It will take a series of blog posts to look at all of the elements of relationship building. In this post, I want to focus on leadership.

Every relationship needs a leader. In a parent-child relationship, the leader is generally...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 2

The way that psychologists talk about building relationships is to have you work on the first leg of the stool. It is a valid idea to the extent that everyone needs to work on themselves, but it still ignores the third leg.

The way that many married people approach building relationships to is try to...
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5 Reasons Networking Fails: Reason 5

Problem: People Fail to Take Action.

Five months ago, I thought I found the ultimate networking group. These people paid money to be in the group. They made a commitment to meet twice per month, I think. They were getting together with three other groups associated with the same platform. And I was invited to...
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5 Reasons Networking Fails: Reason 4

Problem: Everyone is Very General in Public.

It is very difficult to learn from someone who says, “I am a coach.” When someone says, “I do social media,” what do they mean?

It is a little bit different for me, because when I say, “I am attorney,” everyone seems to assume that means I kno...
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The Black Knight Said Hello

When you are riding a motorcycle, you have to know the right way to say hello to other riders.

You use your left hand, because the right hand is on the throttle. Also, you don’t raise your hand to wave. Not only would it be less cool, it might be confused for a right-turn signa...
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Why I Am Not Afraid of Chuck Norris

When I met Chuck Norris, his first words were, “Thor. That’s a cool name for a lawyer.”

I smiled, because I get that a lot. It’s fun, and I don’t get tired of it.

“So Chuck,” I said, “what is this I hear about your tears being a cure for cancer?”

Now it was h...
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Social Media: Personal or Mass Marketing? We Can Do Both (Example for Consultants)

Wouldn’t you love to offer your services online to 900,000,000 Facebook users? If only 1% purchased consulting services from you, that would be 9,000,000 customers. Of course, there are probably 9,000,000 consultants on Facebook that are all trying to sell their services. How is anyone going to find you among 9,000,000 competitors?

Take a look...
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Rather than talk about Gratitude, I want to show you something. Watch the video below:

If you are interested in gratitude as a value, or if you just remembered that you need to send a card to someone, you can use this site to design and send a high-quality personalized glossy card for about ...
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Small Business Revolution

This is the deal:

I have been trying to figure out how to take everything I know about business and give it to you. The problem is, it took me 46 years to get to where I am, and I worked hard. I have read more than 1,000 books. How can I deliver a half-mill...
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Relationships: The Three-legged Stool, Part 1

I have read a lot of books on psychology, but I haven't seen much good information on relationships. I have even talked to psychologists about relationships. They all seem to come back to the same point: work on yourself and let the other person work on himself. Well to me, that is a very dissatisfy...
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