Wouldn’t you love to offer your services online to 900,000,000 Facebook users? If only 1% purchased consulting services from you, that would be 9,000,000 customers. Of course, there are probably 9,000,000 consultants on Facebook that are all trying to sell their services. How is anyone going to find you among 9,000,000 competitors?

Take a look at your current list of friends and clients. What if 20 of your contacts each sent a new client to you this month? Isn’t that more realistic? Not as exciting, perhaps, but it could happen.

So WHY isn’t it happening? Why aren’t you referring clients to your friends? And why don’t they refer to you?

[iknqna id="11"]Now, my idea. Let me show you how to do two things.

  1. Change your relationships, so that you have 20 friends referring business to you. Service that business increase, and capture the lessons required to fulfill the needs of a larger customer base.
  2. After you have a relationship model that has proven effective with your friends, duplicate it. Use what worked with your friends to present your irresistible offer to 900,000,000 potential customers on the internet.

To make those two steps work harmoniously, you won’t be able to follow your traditional practice of charging an hourly fee for consulting services. You will need infinitely more leverage. You will need:

  • additional employees,
  • better training and delivery systems to ensure that your employees deliver your highest quality product, and
  • better marketing systems to ensure that you always have enough business to keep your employees busy.

The purpose of the Small Business Revolution book is to show you how to build a better, more sustainable business model for your consulting practice. Once built, you will have the foundation required to sell your services to millions over the internet. There is a lot for me to teach you, so please continue and ask questions as they arise.[/iknqna]