Why is FREE an important value to me?

As an attorney, I charge clients $250 per hour for my time ($200 for clients in my network). I manage a successful business in the real estate industry. I have income from other businesses and investments. I have made more than $500,000 in a single year. I can afford to give something away for FREE.

I know more about business that most people will learn in a lifetime. I have been an attorney for over 20 years. I attended a top-10 law school. I still read 40 books or more every year. I have an IQ of 168, and I systematize everything I learn. I have designed business models and processes that will help any company succeed.

But how can I deliver 20 years of learning to a client? The knowledge I can provide would cost a client $10,000 per month for just 10 hours per week of my time. That's too expensive.

I have heard that there are 82 million small businesses worldwide, and that 80% fail in the first two years of business. If those numbers are correct, that means over 65 million failures. I doubt they would have fared better paying an attorney $10,000 per month. Of the 16 million that stay in business, I am sure that very few would be able to afford the cost of hiring an attorney for business advice.

The Solution: Free

If I give away valuable information for free, I can save millions of small businesses from failure.

If I give away valuable information for free to successful people, they can make more money; a lot more money!

If I put together a website with free information, the cost to me is roughly the same whether it gets used by 8 people or 82 million people.

Is there something in it for me? Of course. The first group of people I'm going to send to this site are my employees. They are going to use what they learn here to increase their job satisfaction and help me make more money.

But even better, if you use this information, and you make a lot of money, then you can help me, too. If you share my values, then you will let me know that you appreciate the FREE information. If you contact me to express your gratitude, I may ask you to do something for me, too. We may become friends. We may do some business together. You may become a partner or a client (where we both make more money). I think that would be fantastic!

Reader Comment:
James Horton said:
I love the sentiment and the quality here. Knowledge is made for sharing and in sharing, we grow stronger. More than that - you are tapping the innate power that comes from helping. Help, in my opinion, is the strongest instinct of human beings ...
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What you decide to do with the FREE information is up to you. I've put it online. It isn't costing me anything more to give you access to it, now. There is no downside to sharing FREE information. It is all upside potential.

Good luck!