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I believe that coaches and consultants are vital to building a successful business. As I interact in social networks, I see so many businesses need the help of good consultants. As a result, I have developed a personal goal. I want to help coaches, consultants and other teachers succeed in what they are trying to do: get business, present their ideas, and help other businesses succeed.

If you are a consultant, first decide whether you specialize in providing leadership or management. If you are not sure about the difference, then read my prior to blog posts on this subject.

Leadership Consultants

If you believe you are a leadership consultant, then you need to have powerful ideas. I know that there are lots of companies that need powerful ideas. In fact, many small businesses are not sophisticated. The ideas they really need seem very basic to you and to me. Advertise your expertise; design a way to deliver key ideas effectively; and teach people how to use them.

Management Consultants

To all other consultants: I have powerful ideas and systems, and you are welcome to them. Small businesses and professionals around the world need your help. They don’t know where to find these ideas, and they don’t know how to use them. In some organizations, the leader is good, but he just doesn’t have time to implement all of his good ideas. Those leaders need you.

Consultants, coaches and other teachers can be a powerful benefit to any business, if they can engage the employees. Engage the vision of the employees, because that is how they will begin to understand the power of the concepts you are teaching. Engage the heart of the employees, because only then will they be willing to follow you. Engage your own time with the employees, because it will take time for them to change.

I'm Here to Help You

If you would like help selling yourself to companies, please drop me a line. Tell me about what you do, and I will help you present your value. If you are looking for business leads, add yourself to my network. The more my network grows, the greater the need for skilled consultants to help all of the people who are trying to learn and apply the principles that I am presenting. For me to "pay it forward," and help small businesses learn the principles of success, there needs to be more people like you!

And best of luck in everything you do!

Your advocate,

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