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If you are a management consultant, then I would hire you to help me implement effective practices within my organization. My expectations for management consultants are very different. I don’t expect a management consultant to have his own ideas and tools. These are my expectations for a management consultant:

1. Follow the Leader.

When I engage a management consultant, I have in mind something I want to implement. I expect you to make it happen. I would do it myself, but I don’t have time. I only have one request: apply the ideas that I hired you to apply.

2. Engage the employees.

If you are a management consultant, I hired you to help me implement a change. I don’t need you to meet with me. I need you to meet with my employees. Make sure they understand, and make sure they are using their training.

The best management consultant I have ever hired taught marketing. I paid the consultant to meet with one of my sales agents once a week to coach him on effective marketing. None of his marketing ideas were new to me. I had taught the ideas to employees, but I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted from a couple of employees.

Each week, the consultant picked a subject that was important to effective marketing and presented it to my employee. Then, instead of just sitting back and letting my employee try to use the idea, the management consultant actually helped my employee. The management consultant engaged with my employee and made sure that he was using the training. Slowly, my employee became a better marketer, because of the coaching.

3. Measure and report.

The best way to operate any company begins by identifying how a company makes money and to bring focus to the key elements of that process by measuring and reporting the right information.

There are so many benefits that come from good business data. Data makes everything more clear. Good data leads to better decisions. Good data helps prevent losses of both time and money. Good data clarifies and motivates.

A management consultant must be accountable, and he must teach employees to be accountable, too. The only way to establish accountability is to report both key inputs and key results.

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