This is an invitation.

This is the vision I introduced in Small Business Revolution. There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook and other social media platforms. But only a handful read your posts. To reach more potential clients, you need a core group with whom you interact.

By building an interactive group around principles of success (our group values), you can attract more and more participants. More participants mean more potential customers, more influence, and more fun.

Leg 1: You

You are going to need accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you have a website with a blog or an RSS feed, that will help, too.

If you need help designing your website or tailoring your profile, the group can assist with that offline. Antone and I have been working with experts on specific social media platforms. As we roll out changes to our website, we will have suggestions that you can use.

Ultimately, we want your internet presence to reflect, in as much detail as possible, what you do in the real world. Showcase your personality on places like Facebook to improve the quality of your interactions. Showcase your business on places like Google+ and LinkedIn to attract the right prospective customers. Use your website to convert leads to sales.

This is a work in progress. Don't worry about where you are right now. Now is just the time to start.

Leg 2: Others

Your group will consist of people you currently know, like Antone and me.

Our goal is going to be to expand your social media presence. We have three tools for making that happen.

  1. Web-based tools. Following links on the internet to access information can be very time consuming. Antone has designed a new Dashboard to make social media a lot easier. For example, a while back, Antone created SEO Content Factory. It is a very powerful tool for building interaction on blogs. He has recently added a Twitter Tool, which allows you to do things on Twitter with half the effort required on Twitter's interface. To do the kind of interacting that we mention under Leg 3, you are going to want Antone's Dashboard (more on that soon).
  2. Social Media Group. It takes people to make things happen in social media. You may or may not have a group of friends who interact with you right now. What we want to do is expand your group, combine it with other groups, and implement a plan to improve meaningful interaction. As the group builds around shared ideas, the influence of the group grows, and your impact increases.
  3. Content. Posting photos of your dog is cute. There is probably a place for that on Facebook. But the internet is huge, and there is tons of useful stuff out there, if someone would just aggregate it to fit the purposes of groups. We are going to be a group which does that.

For these three reasons, our Social Media Group makes a great 2nd Leg.

Reader Comment:
Mick Horigan said:
Antone, Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Points well taken. You said: “We’re focused on helping people build their businesses, whatever they may be.” Yes, while most Empower Network (EN) bloggers promote EN because they all see the value...
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Leg 3: The Relationship

Remember what I said about leadership in relationships. Someone has to make an offer. A relationship begins when someone else accepts that offer. Here is the offer: I am going to ask you to do three things.

  1. Send me your email address by clicking this link. That is how I will know that you want to participate.
  2. Watch the video below. Antone will introduce you to our web-based tools and our Social Media Group Strategy. His introduction is in a webinar format, to make it easy for everyone to be informed.
  3. Spend 30 minutes at least 3 days per week on social media, interacting with our group. The rest of the group will be doing the same for you. It's a team relationship, so make sure that you do your part.

It's free to join our group. As the group grows, we will start to segment by industry and geography to make relationship building more effective. We have big plans for what we can do together. But to keep it simple, we are going to wait to talk about what different groups want to accomplish. When the group is ready, we will talk about the values and tools that will take us all where we want to go.

Here is the link to JOIN THE GROUP. CLICK HERE.