When you are riding a motorcycle, you have to know the right way to say hello to other riders.

You use your left hand, because the right hand is on the throttle. Also, you don’t raise your hand to wave. Not only would it be less cool, it might be confused for a right-turn signal.

You drop your left hand, so the left arm is straight, pointing at the road. You extend two fingers, just like you would for a peace sign, but without pulling your thumb in against the other fingers.

Someone told me that the two fingers represent angel wings pointing at the road to keep it safe.

Now picture this:

Black motorcycle, driving 60 mph through Emigration Canyon. The rider is wearing a black full-face helmet, black leather, black gloves, black boots. As you approach from the opposite direction, he banks into the turn and you see his left hand drop, two fingers extended to the road. The black knight just said hello.

Next time you see me, if you see my left hand drop with two fingers extended, you’ll know. That’s now the way that I say hello.